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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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town to get out the vote and that includes jay-zz find out whout as we are hearing may make an appearance. may be related to him somehow. are you planning to vote in the presidential election? belae yoa would you be more likely to votl if you got paid time off from work?ee go home here's a couple hour of overtime feel free go to vote. l it's an option more companies are offering. we'll talk about it in this ee n more co morning's download. charlie sheen in town for the worldcharli series one of the ll businessman brother wild thing got him here andh what were they up to around cleveland.d. we didn't think it was going to happen all of a sudden he says i am there. mayor remember his tweet he's not really coming and t that he did. check in with scott sabol see how the weekend weather in shaping up.heck ie good morning everybody. theor temperatures have varied from point to point they do with clear sky this po time of year d as the car cover is beginning t thinbegi out we'll have a few locations that will start to
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back into the upper 30s for overnight lows tonight but right now clearingu sunshine. temperatures in the lower 40s in s rock creek look at pierpont 37 andat 48 in eastlake. that has dropped 5 degrees sine we went on theed 5de a this mor. five hours ago. 53 westlake.arnin most location starting to quell back srti down. no organize weather system's thish weekend.ekd. looking really quiet a north wind which isa pretty light but enough to keep temperatures ak little warmer around the lake continue to do thatbur as the ws begin to shift. notto a whole lot of went thiss week and overall logo partly if not mostly sunny many locations later today. temperatures generallyny maatioe lower 50s.. looking pretty good for high school football playoffs tonight will talk more about the he forecast for the weekend a few changes for next week.wee. guys back to you. thank you. all right. it's down to the last few days and the presidential campaignsco are canvassing the nation in one down to entil c last big push. dot includes ohio.
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their running mates, and the biggest stars among their he mat, as all out in stacey frey is live in downtown with what's ahead for today. good morning. good morning. we're at the wolstein centerhef. where jay-z will be tonight to support hillary clinton with a get out the vote concert. clinton will be here and according to cbs news, so will whrebe toget teyonce. will b it is for days until the election donald trump in hillary clinton pulling out all the stops and the stars.s. maybe we'll see even more history made in a few days. we know hillary can't be trusted, we have learned that.y. clinton in north carolina playing off the historic world series victory of her hometown chicago cubs. trump also campaigning in the tar heel state a must win for him but a state where clinton leads by 4 points in cnn's latest poll. surrogates for both candidates are out in full force crisscrossing the country. hiubs. camelorto parell williamh and president obama for hillary clinton.ointidat melania trump also making a solo
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time since the republican metional convention. he could not sit by anymore and watch what was happening in our country.t that is when this campaign, this movement began. this isn't a joke. this isn't survivor. this isn't the bachelorette. this counts. president obama working hard to earn the youth vote. those people came out in droves for him in both of the elections that is what purpose is supposd to be served by this jay-z concert. ohio leaning towards donald trump hillary clintonto needs to put a big numbers here and cuyahoga county to try and balance put number dot and when not only is jay-z putting on a concert for her share will be putting one on in boston
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perry campaigning this weekend for hillary clinton.hill she willy cl be back in clevelan sunday donald trump campaigning near cincinnati today. stacey freyon live for us. thank l you stacey. thank you. all right.ce cleveland police are once again asking for your help to find a driver who hit and killed a man, then kept going.clevelane againg 24 year old lennell mccormick was struck by a vehicle along kinsman road near east 69thas s street, around 1145 pm on augusa 18th.45pm cleveland police say they have no description of the vehicle, and have received very few tips about the case. dervehic lennell graduated from the horizon science academy in 2010a and was looking to pursue a career in nursing. since his death, his family hasa held several vigils, hoping someone will come forward with information.mily hheld we can't even explain it and put it into words how deep we loved our son and how deep the pain is when we think of his loss.
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baby boy and he was a very dear, dear son very loving child. anyone who has information about the hit and run, should calle ws crime stoppers or clevelandr clv police.el a judge is raising bond for a county sheriff charged with stealing medication, for violating terms of his release.. har a special prosecutor says kyle overmyer made contact with potential witnesses in his case. a judge increased overmyer's bond to 250 thousand dollars, and ordered him to be held until bondosts it.t.hinceded overmyer is accused of taking drugs from prescription drug disposal boxes. he is running for reelection in sandusky county, despite the charges and being on suspension. om rere boxes. a columbus area man is serving two years probation, after beating a man who supplied his wife with heroin.o yes er edwin sobony was convicted of felonious assault, for attackinc the drug dealer with a baseball bat. the judge in the case says he examined a presentence report, and took the man's clean record into consideration.. dler r n the se but, he says people simply can't
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i, in no way, support what mr. sobony did, i appreciate the frustration, but that does not support or condone vigilante justice. the victim says he is a heroin hedict.. he says the attack knocked out 11 teeth, and left him blind in one eye.e.11 tee neighbors say sobony was simplya protecting his family.i the fox iteam found police busted more people selling fake three more people are sitting in jail accused of selling fake tickets to the game. sources tell the iteam more than selling a dozen fans got to the gate, only to find their tickets were phony. cleveland police have not released many details on thehe three people arrested but they say one had fake passes and 5800 dollars in cash. court records also show one women used a stolen mlb pass to
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apologizing for a robocall mixup, as some people were getting phone calls that appeared to be from the cleveland indians. a fox8 viewer sent us this photo gehatttoeoeoid..aplo it shows the number, and says iy was from the indians. but the call was actually a political robocall from theitit ia campaign of judge joanaign synenberg. j syr campaign manager says theyy had no idea about the problem adding the calls were made by a ainvice hired by the synenbergda campaign. the use of the indians caller id was not authorized. the campaign says the mistake will not happen again, adding it should not reflect on her 12 years of service as a judge. we win, ainn news. here is wayne dawson with theh good morning. a shooting late last night at a walmart in pennsylvania happened inside a stolenwal vintage. police have arrested the suspecd theyhe say 22 -year-old zachary thomas quit his job at the store and returnedyac and shot a formr coworker multiple times. that employee taken to a hospital in youngstownorker .
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hurt. that's just in now back to you guys. wayne thank you.k would you be more likely to vote if youl got paid time off from work? interesting question. many businesses are giving employees the option. we'll talk about the pros and cons, next, in this morning's download. did one school district go too far?queemay ing ths moningdownad. during morning announcementsnts students were told that fourt fr classmates died in a car accident but, it was a lie. find out why they did it and the reaction it's getting.hy scott. good morning everybody. not a whole lot of winds o temperatures won't even out and ifl be up to the lower 50s not there already will talk about the weekend and look ahea to a relatively quiet pattern
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is going to be a great day according to great clips. always a great dayoing eat . i'm sorry i didn't hear you. always a with you. so sweet.o good to be here. h welcome back at 9:11.r california is trying a new technique to get voters out to califoryin election day four days away.ys y a new law in the state gives employees up to two hours ofwo s paid time off to vote if they ato do ave enough time to do so during nonworking hours. the law also requires workers to give their employers two days notice ahead of the election if they will need to take time offs to vote. california's secretary of state alex padilla says every citizen should have the ability tove
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to do so. that's what we're talking aboutb this morning's download.os what do o you think about that? bryant starts us off all for voting by mail or early voting no excuse not to vote unless yu don't want merkel feels federal governmentv should make it a holiday every store should closeer it no one d ever n have an excuse why they d not vote. a lot of schools haved off i noticed that. that is true. gym says better answer would bb stay until nine or 10:00 p.m. top to get outor of work at five spend an hour driving home and make it in time to vote. usually tight a load times they want to get resolved out that night.ght. that's why they would close ae nine or 10 you wouldn't haveldt results until one in the morning. that would be tough for people to see but i understand your point from a convenience standpoint a long day.
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however i voted by mail i don't have to go anywhere to the post office. rob says the kids can get a day off school because election day we should be allowed to have it uptop bpoin as well.oils ihoul eca i'm voting on tuesday says rob we appreciate that. early voting options. they have absentee ballots. nice to b vote by mail this tim. so much going i'm like i will vote by mail foa the first time. i like the feeling of just goinl marking and penciling in. i did miss that. getting my sticker and all that stuff. and i like going to talk to my poll workers i know who they if i wasn't able to i don't know if i waited employer should be mandated to do it if they want to let empoyee you off for worke of hours early and stay say we believe in voting go aheadadof d for a long lunch break. something like that. depending onso where your work s because if you workw on one side of town point place onon the otr side of town that would beth tough. interesting.atd and a lot of people especially this election want to goof outd make their voices heard one way
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just looking at a poll out that said 80 percent of people arento disgusted withpe the 2016 race. i believe that. i caneve understand that. so frustrating. want to hear what you think would you be more wa likely to vote if you got paid time off from work? had to to vote in our web fall.d to all right. check in with scott sabol. see what's happening ht. . outside enjoying this. jacket off.eket it's nice out here. 50 degrees. off right when we are in the shade here in the sunshine today will feel a little more worth. and won't be nearly as warm asls what you would like still looking pretty decent just a smattering of like driving clouds will beginning to thin out. one number here cl not so much the high yesterday occurred after midnight it's the normal the averageoc basically 30 year average temperature for thisr th time of year about 56. the normal by thanksgiving drops into the middle 40s. that's the average historically when you do the matho th look e
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what you get. will start to see the patterns begin to shiftt as we look at 40s south low 50s to the north a couple of 30s central ashtabula county. will start to warm back up slowly today. very nice-looking uneventful not really an extreme forecast. extreme or if were extreme with alli or winds to do with leica driven clouds thinned out and fog burning off. pretty decent dayt highs in the lower 50s. upper 30s tonight. little fog tomorrow morning recent rain we've had giving way to a warmer day tomorrow.had temperatures running a degree or two of abnormal that fairlyr closemal tha a high of around 5. could see a couple of 60-degree locations tomorrowigup this is e animation texas through the wek in texas through saturday and you can probablyas thro run misr early monday. no warrant has weather systems across the eastern two thirds of the country ha that means everything kind of stagnates which is good. kin a a lot of when each day temperatures climbing up close
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even an issue a week that coming in on election day can't rule out a localized shower but nothing organizedc nothing ton impede any travel or anything like that.ot get out and vote tuesday is the get out and vote t the weather e anwe issue we should see temperatures middle and high 50s.e a look at the eight day this isy kind of unusual the middle early novemberer we don't have a lot variation in temperature. 50s a few are lower 60sofof chance of a shower on tuesday however the end of next week up colder air we've adjusted t eight day to reflectct temperatures in the 40s by next friday. i don't think it will last more than a day or twoxt that there are indications my look at highs in the 40s on saturday and still tt higher confidence on this thi pattern that week before thanksgiving and into thanksgiving weekss atte will start to see storm systems becoming much stronger and the pushes of cold
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generalities that s. is a goingo snow too early to say but still s kickto see the pattern into high gear before the end of the month. okay. thank you. 9:17.nt still to come a scare on a college campus. police are trying to figure out how a teen was killed and, how his body was buried on the grounds. to men aas. holed an squirrel scare. hear what happened after a squirrel went on the attack inside of a senior center. making history. new information about thation o investigation against former penn state football coach jerrye sandusky. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine.
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and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. scott says it will acome nice day. a few clouds the sun is out.c nice friday. 9:20 welcome back. a medical examiner is now trying to determine how a teen whose body was found mostly bue a california college campus died. police say the 18 year old victim was reported missing on october 17th.s owto tete polili a landscaper found his body,y, mostly buried with his head sticking out of the ground, on the sonoma state campus, north so san francisco. students described the discovere as unnerving.d los angeles police are lookingkg for a gunman after a school bus was hit with a investigators rushed to a southern section of the city, after getting calls about shots
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and the driver wasn't hit. the gunshot cracked the windshield..gaocial police determined the shot was fired from a nearby fight, and pow stray bullet hit the bus.. investigators are fearing theas worst, after a disturbinga dist discovery in south carolina.ur a woman who had been missing for two months was found, chained inside a metal storage container.n w ths was 30 year old kala brown and her boyfriend disappeared in august she was discovered after search crews heard a banging sound inside the contain retipster told police fourur bodies were buried on that same property. we're trying to make sure that we don't have a serial killer on our hands. that very possibly could be what we have. so we'll know once we find some evidence we're looking for or not.t. ery poat a registered sex offender is under arrest in the case. he's currently charged with unn theing.. the us department of education is leveling a record finein against penn state, for itsg e,i investigation into allegationsts against former football coach
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the department of education is fining the school 2.4 million dollars for violating a law that requires universities to report campus crimes.s r tha the fine was announced after a five year federal investigation into the way the school handled complaints about sandusky. sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys and is serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. penn state says it will challenge the fine. sandusk wasas lly ud i the state department plans tomea release an additional 350 emails reom the fbi's investigation into democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton's private server. they released the latest batch yesterday as part of a court order. nearly 1300 of them were primarily duplicates of earlier material as well assyeerrt oa ma administrative letters.e let but many were redacted emails from 2010 discussing the wikileaks release of more than 250 thousand messages about foreign daemailsm
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hospital with your kids? a day or two.yoe a baby boy born in nebraska weighing less than one pound is aow home with his parents afterr we more than 300 days in the hospital. when nathan teply came into thir world he was one of the smalless babies ever born weighing just 14 ounces. born wei but he fought hard to survive spending 10 months of his life in the hospital. spending 10 months o were going to show him now weighing in at 15 pounds. they say he's doing great. his parents say while he still is hooked up to some machines they hope he's off them soon. hile he s. and for now they are just happy no have him home.e. 300 days.ay they were going back and forth and back and forth to theo the hospital to make sure this little guy was good. 15 pounds. what a little fighter. amazing. how precious.t 9:23 this morning.g. let's go tribe let's go cleveland. find out how fans really helped cheer on more than just the indians in millions of ways.d oe and, video of a cubs fan getting knocked out by a tribe fan after
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and, why he's no stranger to the law. good morning. take a look at the temperatures here steady those of us in the low 40s bounce into the lower 50s those ofu us in the low 50sin pretty much stay there.y . looking pretty good today the
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything.
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i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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ted strickland. love this man.
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ly to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america. ted delivered, and when it mattered most he had your back.
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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick and that behind us right there is mr. black squirrel. - and where you find black squirrels, i think there's only one place nearby. - kent, ohio. change about kent, ohio, the black squirrels are always here but many things have changed and that's why we're here. - oh, absolutely, 'cause you've been here before to do a road show, but we are going to see things that you haven't seen before, right? - well, for sure, i just talked to a lady, she said she's a teacher here for 30 years, she retired, she went away, waited a couple years, she came back and didn't recognize the place, it's changed so much. - so many new stores and restaurants and things going on, a lot of revitalization happening here in downtown kent, really making for a great experience. if you have been here even six months ago,


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